Today Williamsburg’s Natural Wine Company Turns One; Tonight They’re Throwing a Party

Happy Anniversary, Natural Wine Company!

It is very cool to see more and more natural-skewed wine shops popping up around Gotham, and one of the great, new entries into that wonderful world of pesticide kickin’, natural-yeast lovin’, environment coaxin’ versatile vinous offerings is Billyburg’s one and only Natural Wine Company at 211 North 11th Street. (For those not in the nabe, that’s the L Train to Bedford or Lorimer, or G Train to Nassau.)

NWC is celebrating their First Year Anniversary tonight from 6 to 9 p.m.(woot-woot!), and in honor of this auspicious occasion are pouring some pretty fabulous and fun celebratory bottles, like a pretty Ca Montanari Opera Lambrusco Secco from Emilia-Romagna,  a brut offering of Doyard Champagne Cuvée Vendémiaire that’s 100 percent Chardonnay, and a medium-light bodied 2007 cherry-scented Nebbiolo (from underdog Lombardy, yo!) made by the producer Fratelli Bettini, among others. Oh, and nearby neighbors Brooklyn Winery (!) will be stopping by with their Finger Lakes-sourced Riesling and a Pinot Noir from Sonoma-centric grapes.

HOLIDAY BONUS: Co-owner Michael Andrews chose bottles that also happen to pair really, really well with your upcoming Thanksgiving culinary shenanigans, so if you’re panicking about what to sip next Thursday, you’ve got an enjoyable Friday night and the ability to check off a task on your to-do list is at hand. Yippie!

For the non-oenophiles, NWC will be mixing up a few eco-delicious cocktails using ingredients from FAIR Trade Spirits Co, like a Gojipolitan using vodka distilled from quinoa, and the Goji Royal, a festive toaster made with sparkling wine and Goji liqueur. (Both FAIR Trade and Natural Wines will be featured in the upcoming alcohol issue of Edible Brooklyn, by the way –ed.)

Sip on that, tuck into some cheese, charcuterie, and other tasty nibbles from the nabe, and check out the work of Williamsburg artist Sebastian Gross-Ossa, whose takes inspiration from work-a-day images to portray an at once exaggerated and very frighteningly real pictorial version of life. Which is kind of what the holiday at hand feels like sometimes, anyway. Cheers! And happy anniversary, Natural Wine Company.

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